The journey to becoming the brand we are today started as a collision of multiple factors. The first most noticeable and raw factor was that, as a collective, we urgently felt the need to start making a greater impact in improving our planet. Our first attempt at this was to drive around our neighbourhood and hand out sandwiches to the homeless, while blasting “Where is the love?” by The Black Eyed Peas. We associate such positive memories with these times and it only felt natural to let those experiences later influence the name of our brand ("witl" stands for Where Is The Love). Through our personal "giving back" journeys, it was hard to ignore that although we were still making a difference, our mutual soft spot has always been for the animals, specifically marine life and wildlife. Running into an old friend who was wearing a turtle pendant necklace was the final sign we needed to make our next course of action seem immediately obvious, as the idea - that we could make and sell jewelry that in some way would end up helping the turtles - was born.

The Brand

Months of love and passion have now been poured into our jewelry brand to refine it to what it is today. We have worked hard to select a range of jewelry that have a marine-like, beachy feel that appeals to the youth, with superior quality and durability that it may also appeal to an older audience. We want everyone to feel comfortable and beautiful wearing our jewelry, and hope that whilst wearing it, they may feel the underlying brand message of spreading love to all of our planetary companions. We have no doubt that our jewelry is unique, high quality and refreshing - combine this with the fact that our team are strong willed, willing to endure failure and learn from our mistakes, and have hearts as big as whales - means that there is no reason, with patience, we will not flourish in the jewelry industry.

Giving Back

The crisis our oceans are facing at the moment with regards to pollution endangering marine life deeply saddens us. We have now partnered with some incredible organisations that work tirelessly to clean up the mess on our beaches and in our oceans. Having seen the great work that they do, we knew we would love nothing more than to know that our funds are going to the right place. We plan on using our growing platform to inform our audience of the great work being done for our marine life. We have a passionate vision of making a huge contribution and seeing great change, as we continue to donate a percentage of our profits towards turtle conservation, beach clean ups, etc.

We here at "witl" are not afraid to think big. Our story is just beginning - we have unlimited amounts of self-belief, innovative ideas and perseverance and are excited to see our business grow. Nature is in our thoughts with every decision we make, from our designs, to our packaging, to our photoshoots. We are a brand that we hope you will be proud to be associated with. Changing the world starts with baby steps, there is still plenty work to be done, but for now, we are so excited at the thought of helping hundreds of sea turtles to be saved, reared to full strength and released back into the wild.

We are proud to introduce our range of beautifully designed necklaces by our very own in house designer, Lucy.

These necklaces have been made with carefully selected beads made from glass and stone, with the addition of silver and gold plated charms and pendants. They have been hand beaded locally by our local team of beaders Edinah, Priscilla and Talent and we hope to be able to build our local team in the future. There will be a limited number of each design so be sure to grab yours before they run out.

The WITL product range includes:

  • Silver-plated ZAMAC jewellery;
  • Gold-plated jewellery;
  • Silver and gold plated jewellery combined with leather, cotton, semi-precious stone beads or glass beads;
  • WITL jewellery caters to sensitive skins: the ZAMAC range is a combination of zinc, aluminium, magnesium and copper (97%), finished in 925 silver plating (around 2 microns) and is lead and nickel free. Gold plating comprises 24K flash gold plating (around 0.2 – 0.3 microns).

To ensure the longevity of your jewlery it is advised not to bath, shower or swim with it but we'll leave it up to you to decide!